Italy Trip!

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Went to Italy this week to see some excellent products from Novellini
saw how shower enclosures, baths, whirlpools and many other products are manufactured from scratch.
Very interesting and informative tour of the factory showing a great diversity of processes which gave a brilliant insight into the world of quality bathroom product manufacture. Novellini and Cianluca were excellent hosts and I thank you.
Its can be difficult in this disposable world we live in, to find product that has been built to last and built to a certain standard above the “norm”… When you go on these trips, I would challenge anyone not to appreciate the care and effort that goes into making quality items. This proves that not everything should be governed price. Sometimes you have to appreciate the work that goes into these products and how anyone visiting these facilities would always be sold on the idea of quality first!.
Wonderful Country. Great food. Excellent production facility and beautiful people!
Thank you Novellini!

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